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Our Story

At Storyline Studios, we unite technology, creativity and storytelling under one roof, with operations spanning Oslo, Copenhagen, and Gothenburg.

“Be the Scandinavian toolbox for film and storytelling, supplying the world of entertainment”

Mission statement Storyline Studios

“Be the preferred technical and creative partner through uniquely integrated production solutions, from idea to finished film.”

Vision statement Storyline Studios

Our Story

In Denmark, our journey began in 2008 as Red Rental, driven by a strong ambition to revolutionize the cinematic industry. We were the first to introduce Red cameras to the Danish market. In 2018 we became MAAN Rental. Since the beginning, we've supplied the Danish market with the latest and best equipment for movies, series, advertising, and television.

In 2015, we launched ACT3, our Danish post-production department, to ensure a seamless workflow from start to finish.

Our Norwegian branch traces its roots all the way back to the pioneering years, when "Norsk Film AS" was established in 1932. Storyline Studios emerged in 2005, bridging parts of Norsk Filmstudio AS and Chimney Pot Oslo AS during the industry's shift into the digital age. This merger laid the foundation for our unique position, fostering synergies between rental and post-production that benefit every project.

The Swedish branch originated in Gothenburg in 2005 as Camera Center & Light Center. In 2016, they merged with MAAN Rental to become a full-service provider. The Swedish branch has maintained a close collaboration with Gothenburg Film Studios, ensuring that shooting in Gothenburg, whether on location or in a studio, is as seamless as possible.

In 2018, all four companies united to form a stronger Scandinavian presence. Utilising each other’s strengths, creating synergies across borders, and sharing knowledge and expertise to benefit the projects was the main priority.  Looking ahead, we believe in evolving the company together and alongside our customers, who demand exceptional service, dedication, and innovation.