Storyline’s cutting-edge post production facilities seamlessly integrate audio, visual, and mastering services tailored to any budget. With exceptional acoustics and advanced software, we ensure precision in sound and frame perfection.

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Kristina Pedersen

Post Producer

Anna 3
Anna Hatling Midtbø

Project Manager


“Working with Storyline is a joy, they are real collaborators. I feel supported from early prep and testing all the way to picture finishing. This is true for every project I do with them, from features and TV-series, but also on commercials and short films. Their expertise with lenses, their effort and collaboration to work on celluloid film and happily taking on challenges for every project makes a big difference.”

Andreas Johannessen, Director of photography

“I don't think I know of a rental place in Europe with similar service, equipment and technical expertise. I love the unique opportunity of being able to test-film in the studio, do color-grading and watch 4K DCP in a calibrated cinema, all in one day, all in the same place, right in the center of Oslo.”

John Christian Rosenlund NFF/DOP

“Storyline Studios has been like my second home for many years. I have experienced great enthusiasm and expertise from everyone in contributing to most of my films over the past 10-15 years. Cameras, sound design, grading and a very high level of vfx deliveries is only a part of it. In addition I have been hiding for months in the editing suites where the film gets its second life and hopefully resurrects as a small masterpiece. And with a full support from the kindest people in the industry. So for sure this is my second home.”

Erik Poppe. Director, screenwriter, doctor and ass. professor in film directing.

“We always feel in safe hands at Storyline. They are responsive, accountable, professional and serviceminded - always with a smile! No matter what we throw at them they try to facilitate and find the best solutions for our projects.”

Andrea Berentsen Ottmar, Producer Eye Eye Pictures

Workflow Specialist

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We are constantly developing workflows, and deliver to the highest standards in the market.