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Studio Visuals

Studio Visuals fuzes advanced motion control and virtual production solutions for stunning, efficient and cost-effective filmmaking.

Our motion control and virtual production studios offer a comprehensive solution for efficient and cost-effective productions. They feature advanced technology like the Bolt X Cinebot on a track, a pre-lit greenscreen, a 4K live keyer, and Unreal Engine for real-time environments, enhancing the creative process with unparalleled efficiency.

When renting our studio, clients have access to a fully-equipped Bolt X studio, along with essential amenities like a kitchen, wardrobe and makeup room, bathroom, restroom, and a spacious elevator. The space also includes a client lounge, complete with a large monitor for comfortable viewing.

Conveniently located adjacent to the camera department, these facilities ensure a smooth transition from equipment checkout to the shooting area. They are pre-lit for greenscreen use, but full-size light and grip packages, along with experienced staff, are readily available upon request.

Ideal for a variety of productions such as greenscreen work, virtual productions, tabletop, or packshot photography, these studios are versatile in their offerings. Adding to their capabilities, there is an on-site workshop equipped with tools like CNC-machines, a laser cutter, and a 3D-printer, enabling the creation of custom rigs and setups to meet any specific production need.

If you have any questions or requests talk to Mariusz or Krister.


Mariusz Kolodziejczak

Motion Control & Virtual Production Manager

Krister G. Antonsen

Workshop Manager & Motion Control Operator


Short Reels

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