Colour Grading

We offer state-of-the-art grading facilities and talented colourists, available in-house or globally through remote services.


In Oslo, our in-house colourists provide precision and technical expertise for visually stunning imagery. In Copenhagen, we collaborate with talented freelancers or your preferred artist. 

With decades of experience in colour grading for features, TV series, and commercials, our team has contributed to numerous award-winning projects. Our facility integrates grading and camera departments, ensuring an efficient colour pipeline from scene to screen.


Christian smil
Christian Wieberg-Nielsen

Senior Colourist | Colour Manager

Camilla Holst Vea

Senior Colourist

Håvard Småvik

Senior Colourist

Emanuele Senatore

Junior Colourist


4K DCI Grade Cinemas

Our DCI Grade Cinemas, coupled with either the powerful Baselight, or Davinci Resolve, forms the heart of our Post-production prowess. All screens are regulated to ensure optimal colour and light precision for feature films. Projects can be screened in 4K with 5.1 surround sound.

Cropped cinema backdrop 2
Cinemas available in:
Oslo Copenhagen
4K DCI Barco DP4K Baselight DaVinci Resolve

Grade suites

Our UHD HDR Grade Suites, powered by either Baselight or DaVinci Resolve, enable us to deliver world class image quality. Our high end grade suites are designated spaces, designed to meet the stringent Dolby standards, ensuring the utmost accuracy and quality in colour grading

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Grade Suites available in:
Oslo Copenhagen
UHD 4K HDR Dolby Vision Baselight DaVinci Resolve

Grading Platforms

  • Baselight 6.0

    Baselight by FilmLight is a powerful colour grading solution built for unparalleled creative possibilities. With features like X Grade for revolutionary primary correction, Chromogen for crafting cinematic looks, and tools like Face Track for streamlined beauty work, Baselight 6.0 empowers creatives with precision and efficiency in achieving visually stunning results. Find out more + 

  • DaVinci Resolve 19

    DaVinci Resolve is an industry-leading post-production software known for its robust colour grading capabilities. It provides powerful and precise tools for colourists to enhance and manipulate colours, contrast, and brightness in real time. With support for high dynamic range (HDR) content and a wide range of file formats, DaVinci Resolve ensures that colourists can achieve exceptional results.

  • Pomfort LiveGrade

    Pomfort Livegrade is a versatile on-set colour grading software, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for professionals. It enables real-time colour adjustments, camera matching, and look management to ensure the highest video quality during production. This software is a crucial asset for those who require precision and control over their live video feeds.